A washing machine that won’t drain is a common issue but can be a significant inconvenience. Repairful Appliance offers some insights on what to do when faced with this problem.

Check the Drain Hose

    • Ensure the hose isn’t kinked or clogged. Straighten it out or clean it if necessary.

Clean the Filter

    • Regularly cleaning the lint filter can prevent blockages that stop your machine from draining.

Inspect the Pump

    • A malfunctioning pump is a common culprit for drainage issues. If you suspect a pump problem, it may be time for professional intervention.

Avoid Overloading

    • Overloading can lead to unbalanced loads that hinder proper drainage.

Professional Assistance

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, Repairful Appliance is at your service. Our technicians can diagnose and fix drainage problems, ensuring your machine operates efficiently.


For persistent drainage problems or professional repair services, reach out to Repairful Appliance. Schedule your appointment to get your washing machine back to optimal performance.

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